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Consumer DNA testing is helping to answer questions for for more and more adoptees every day. A few times a week, I read about adoptees, or children of adoptees, who’ve successfully used this technology. They are able to learn of their heritage or find biological family members. As testing has come more affordable, it has also become more widespread. This has led to greater success in adoptees finding answers.

I reunited with my biological family before DNA testing became popular. Even so, I have tested with two companies, Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA. Other companies, such as MyHeritage, allow DNA results from elsewhere to be uploaded to their websites for familiar matching.

DNA testing has allowed me to connect with people who share DNA in common with me. This has proven to be an excellent tool in my genealogical research. My father also tested with Family Tree DNA. He still talks about his excitement at seeing the scientific evidence that, yes, it’s real – I am his daughter.

The major consumer DNA companies offer autosomal DNA testing, which is useful in making familial connections. Some, such as Family Tree DNA, also offer mitochondrial DNA testing (for everyone) and Y-chromosome DNA testing (for males only.) Ancestry DNA and 23andMe offer testing that focuses on health related and other personal traits.

DNA Plus Traditional Tools

Combined with more traditional genealogical methods, DNA testing can help searchers to connect with family. But it can also help searchers to learn about their family’s deeper history, ethnic background and more.

The major testing companies and several other genealogical sites offer Web-based family tree software. Building or importing a tree and uploading DNA results will allow integration between trees and DNA matches. This can be useful when trying to see how you may be related to a person who is a DNA match.

DNA testing for adoptees can help break through genealogical brick walls. If you’re an adoptee hoping to learn of your biological family, your ethnic heritage, or details of your health background, DNA testing can help provide you answers.

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